When I was a new trader I could not find anything along the lines of How to build your own trading model. Why? probably because any trader that is successful in this business, is not going to share openly, how to build or create there trade model that brings them mostly profits over losses! So what was one to do? Well after I made my own decision on who and where to learn how to trade from, then it was up to myself to create something out of nothing, as a skilful person does. Once I had established a few ways to identify the things necessary in order to make trade decisions on, it was then my trading was starting to make a turn for the better. In time I began to understand more around price and was able to implement more detailed strategies to the trade model, not making the model to difficult though tweaking the model into a better one. Any trader can do this, you only need the right sets of rules for each. Nothing is to be changed over any trading day week month or year. Let price do it's thing and then you will identify timing. Price will behave in all sorts of ways sucking traders in, only when price is doing what it has to do, is when I am on board. When I see what I am looking for and or the banks are manipulating to get there price, boom! risk to reward is set and the trade is on. These type of moves happen pretty much each day, it all depends on your trade model and how to identify it.


The market makers not only remove orders from the market, they also generate orders in the market place. The following chart identifies where price removes and creates price levels for future price models to work off and around. The market's pegged levels are areas where we can identify resting liquidity pools for buy and sell set ups. Understanding order blocks and mitigation blocks bodes well for the Optimal Trade Entry. In the overall scope of the chart, understanding where resting liquidity is, is of great importance to any trader.

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I know, anyone who has been on the ICT bandwagon for a while and is having trouble, I can help you out no problem. If you are a new trader, then it takes time, you will not grasp price action in a short period of time. For me it has taken some time to put the tools into a detailed trade model where I can see and understand when reversals and continuations are coming. Mostly Judas swings on an intra-day bases is what I am hunting, though I also have the required set up for the higher time frames. Not only is my model set up to identify longer term moves using the required set up, my intra-day models are that of the pro or elite, and how would I know I am within the pro or elite status at this point of my trading career? I ain't losing put it that way. 

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In 2018 we are presenting price action videos & live trades all based off my personal trade model. In 2017 I presented the very videos that go into detail on how I find the best Central bank levels to trade from and around. There is not a lot of change going into 2018 as we as Forex traders already know what we are looking for and doing when it comes to trading weekly highs & lows and intra-day session trades. I trade intra-day set ups using daily bias into know levels of support & resistance for reversals and continuations, also swing trading/OSOK the weekly range high or low

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