The Algos are set configerations released for specific times, each are linked and executed upon. They leave highs and or lows on purpose, one can also trade those "purpose" moves and also trade back into the purpose area. The linkage between the algos are clusters and cluster ranges that inter connect, this is why we have time frames though you can identify the same structures on seperate time frames by zooming in or out on your chart. For example a 15 minute candle charts price structures can be seen on a zoomed out 5 minute chart exposing the same things in finer detail. To us traders this is golden.

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See this chart example, as a historic level price bounces nicely from, see how the formation after the level provided us a signal for not only price to move up from though rather move down into before the bounce happened giving a sell bias into a buy bias. The price action immediately after the level where arrow is pointing to, is a symmetry of order flow in action, a price delivery of equal components to the particular pair gbpusd at the time. As a trader we can identify this formation of price action and look at the things that happen after the fact in order to make and bring our trade model into the picture that it is. It can be dificult to be flexible as a trader and not to recognise when it's time to adjust, though when you gain more experience you adjust easier as you understand price and yourself much much more, this in turn gives you the future insights you require to manage your trade decisions on.

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Maybe you have been told something like, only one person can teach you how to trade? In a sense that is correct, only you can teach yourself how to trade correctly. So why do you follow "the biggest" mentors? Are they the only ones that can also teach you? the mentors with the largest following? Only a small percentage of traders can trade into profits. Only a small percentage can teach you a thing or two that will guide you into your own possible success. following the wrong crowds will lead you into an abyss.



* 1 person business

* knowing what day/days to trade

* knowing what time to trade

* having a risk plan

* having an adjustable risk mindset

* knowing that losers will be winners

* not worried about tomorrow

* having a set trade model

* having a set of rules for the model/models

* being in touch with ones self and loss effect

* being in tune with consistency and not greed

* having a wife that understands your business model & regime