We could be moving into a Multi currency world. In my opinion Any central bank will try to destroy Stable coins and that’s what will ultimately have the biggest threat on the traditional currency system. At the moment stable coins are very stable but that could very well change if international trade starts at a world wide scale with stable coins and trillions are pumped into the New “system” the future could be CBDC and Stable coins together like (tether,Dai,USDC,AUDC, if we start to hear or see Investment banks/banks offer debt to public corporations/companies/individuals, then boom Collision symbol we have our next “System”. Imo if this was to ever happen and a transition was to take place in the next 20 years then CBDC’s will offer debt to the banks and the banks will offer debt in USDC,AUDC. That’s the only way I see it working. Then the public would have automatic access into the crypto/blockchain world because USDC and AUDC would be programmed and easily tradable cross chain. Hence multi currency world. Relying on more currencies may in fact create a more stable system. 

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Cable set up a very nice sell level, notice the gap on the lower time frame just below 1.39, seasonals suggested selling while cable was breaking down new lows back into the previous htf range. The things we take into consideration from the open are key and using those key concepts give the trader an advantage when looking to either long or short the market intra-day 

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