There is a few little known secrets within price action that any trader would acquire to have.
My personal trade models are hinged on these little secrets, some in which I have already shared.
This presentation goes deep into one of the little known secrets that hardly any trader knows about and or understands.
This knowledge goes hand in hand with what I have already shared, giving it the final clinch.
Already the known facts that are displayed within my 2017/2018 video tutorials are the bomb though this particular presentation is the bomb.
When a trader is experienced enough to understand this knowledge and put it into hes or hers own trading program, there consistency is most likely to take on that exponential growth curve. 
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2018 - Advanced GBPUSD trade model with institutional concepts implemented

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Generally speaking a delivery level is one that is delivered via the market at a specific point or points in time. Any price delivery level can be used as an area in price to identify past price action on and around IE the forming of daily highs and lows, central bank dealers ranges and so forth will commonly use these delivery levels and or not quite touch them. Any daily high or low that has not quite met the delivery level is a know area of stop hunt liquidity regions, this gives the knowledgeable trader a trading bias based off the possible "judas swing" run on stops into a kill zone. We as professional traders can identify known areas of support and resistance using the common tools within our trading plan. The delivery levels are the key elements to any trade model or method based around them. the use of central bank dealers ranges and kill zones are important trading factors to the delivery zones. Open float and standard deviations play a pivotal roll within them also.

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