Must have been a few years ago now ICT shared a cable chart on twitter, the chart had about 3 lines on it where price targeted the lines then reversed, I replied the tweet with another chart and asked him, Is this where the lines came from? ICT's reply was, No that's not it. He never returned to explain where these "algos" where coming from. So in order for me to work out why where and when these levels happen I was on my own. I already knew the free concepts very well though was not quite there yet as far as these perfect levels go. It did take some time for me to put it all together in a way that I can trade it properly. I have studied and know of these concepts for over 6 years now, it was the algo zones though that put me inline with price and creating that consistency that is required as a trader. So study hard folks, whether your in the programs or not you can work it all out yourself if you seek what you are looking for!

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Placing the institutional price levels big fig, mid fig, 20's & 80's around the central bank and Asia ranges clearly outlines possible price objectives that price could be setting up for, for example in this chart you will notice the delivery level that was targeted and nailed to the pip. If we align our higher time frames and seasonal tendencies with this order flow and identify the buy stop liquidity, then our bias is developed as we enter time of day strategies

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Note the quick rally extension in price delivering a point of release area out of the consolidation, after the break lower in price, they rallied it up in order to tag the breaker resistance orders as the Asia high as an optimal trade entry for a sell using the 3 days back high of the day as the anchor point and the low.

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