If you take some ICT, Chris Lori, Larry Williams and sprinkle a bit of Gdayfx over the top, you can have yourself a solid plan of action. When I removed and implemented particular trading elements to my trade plan, things did change for the better enabling me to make better trade decisions on. Since I currently use specific criterias and the rules that go with, my win rate is much much beter than it was 5 years ago being 2017, now 2022 upon writting this article my trading skills are in an area I am very happy with.


Sunday 08/14/22 I tweeted possible selling for NzdUsd come Monday. How did I know that NzdUsd and AudUsd would sell off Early Asia on Monday? This prediction will be highlighted in Video 4 of the 2022 trading series.



One thing a trader should do in order to gain confidence and by doing so gain good results in their trading, is to work for themselves on themselves designing and implementing their own personal trade models and trade plans. What is a trade model? A trade model is a set of organized rules that go into a trade plan, the trade plan has an execution rule based on the trade models inputs IE The reason behind the trade to be executed. The plan is to connect the trade execution idea with its own form of trade management rules IE is there a maximum time permitted for the trade, can the trade be executed outside of a particular time zone IE Asia, Pre London or New York? Many factors go into a trade model and the plan is always to remain consistent within the trade model IE by not breaking or tweaking any of the rules formula unless for good reason or from back testing results. Only a solid set of rules derived from experience or backtesting can bring consistency within your trading results, anything outside of that will bring all the bad things that you do not need into your personal trade journey. Work for yourself and work on yourself to become the aspiring trader you want to be! Create make and break.




2022 program includes real time analysis, the trade model, current price conditions, what we are looking at intra-day, weekly highs and lows etc

Video 1 free video or watch on youtube

Video 2 Introduction to the trading model.

Video 3 Why EurUsd Sold off During Asia, then further into the London and New York session.