Today I identified that EurUsd was lined up for a nice long position come New York. This analysis was before the London open, so In order for me to turn bullish, the models had to signal me that longs are now in play. I use weekly, daily & intra-day trading models, that I designed myself for identifying the best market conditions to make trade decisions on. The yellow shaded areas on the chart represent the higher time frame dealer areas where future price action/now will take place and work around. Then we move into the intra-day model to really ramp things up on identifying collected data points in order to put time and price levels/zones together. All the things I know around price action come from hard work and study inside the charts, this understanding put me inline to create my own trade models and develop the trading skills once having all this in place.

see chart example. Note the time the trade was made and that price price was going to seek out the previous dealer points in order for NY to take it higher again. We were on the prior rally low, very early.

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One can think they know or will know how to trade Forex good enough to quit there job/jobs within short time, well the answer to that is, most likely you will not be able to do that, not only in short term though in your long term goals also. I firstly gave myself 2 years to teach myself and learn from others in order to trade full time. I was out by a long shot! Even though my 2 years worth of trading came to an end and I still did not have it all, I did know this! I knew I was was at the beginning of something big for myself and my time was not wasted. The fact that I studied very hard and everyday, gave me such good insights into the markets and there makers, I was standing solid as far as knowing the right things around price action, how the dealers deliver price and work themselves around it. The only things I did not have in place for myself then, was a sound trade model system and risk system in place. I some what knew I could design more of that once I knew why price does what it does, where & when, then I created the correct trading plans to that knowledge and skill set. Fortunately for me I recently had a programmer (full access member) contact me about helping me put my models to quick insertion into the mt4 charts, instead of me drawing the required things I draw in order to scout out the best possible trade set up for the day. He in fact said to me he couldn't stand watching me draw and create "by hand" in the charts and knew that he could do something about that for me. As it is now, my trade models enable me to go over the instruments fairly quickly and see who's up for a party today. Having the right tools on board with the knowledge & trading experience has bolstered me into a professional trading career, one that is a business and is run like clockwork day in day out.


Today's video goes over the high time frame detailing where price was accumulating at 6800 to run up into 12900 intraday.

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I have produced 6 videos to date for the GdayFX Signature Series. These video presentations go beyond your basic trading ideas. The insights to the dealers & institutional price designs are detailed and modelled in a way that you can understand and see them clearly! I myself have been trading Forex for just over 7 years now (June 2019 as I write this) & the progressive developments I have made for myself are on another level to say the least. My time relaying my knowledge and skill set into my personal video presentations has been good. I have connected with traders on all levels and have become to know a few of them just via communication through the videos, email & twitter. Not only have I found people who like trading, people have found me which in turn has been uplifting to know that they to, like to share some of the things they have found in there journeys. The full access members who ask me questions, do and will be replied to, sometimes I can respond instantly & other times It might take a bit of time before I answer. All in all the full access members are pretty rapt with the latest Signature Series video presentations, they are receiving material of my own developments and how I identify quality trade set ups, daily & weekly. They follow my private twitter feed for updates & I also email all full access members new material and updates of any kind.