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Video 1 Talking price action on a blank chart, how to understand price mechanism's & see opportunities without indicators

Video 2 Continuing with quality knowledge of price structures & using there model to see perfect entry points

Video 3 How to stalk an intraday move finding the best entry point, this video details the very things you are looking for

Video 4 Watch how I call the market before and after on 3 instruments while using all the tools and analysis provided

Video 5 How I identify what high or low is more prone to be ran out using the models within and delivery levels as point of entry and targets

Video 6 How gdayfx uses the Optimal Trade Entry with the Algo model



The model removes all your uncertainty when it comes to direction on either your weekly, daily or intraday set ups. Long or short the market is every traders question when they open up the charts pretty much. My specifc trade model for directional bias is a top of the line system for any trader in any market. After I designed this system and used it, I then knew that this tool is an intelligent design factor by myself. When used correctly with the right risk to reward and the few rules that it has, I am fairly certain you won't be losing as many trades as you once were. I myself even before this tool have been fairly consistent. This particular tool has a designed edge element to it. It is not difficult to get going with, infact it's damn easy.


I have produced 11 videos to date for the GdayFX Signature Series all around the 30 minute mark. These video presentations go beyond your basic trading ideas. The insights to the dealers & institutional price designs are detailed and modelled in a way that you can understand and see them clearly! I myself have been trading Forex for just over 7 years now (June 2019 as I write this) & the progressive developments I have made for myself are on another level to say the least. My time relaying my knowledge and skill set into my personal video presentations has been good. I have connected with traders on all levels and have become to know a few of them just via communication through the videos, email & twitter. Not only have I found people who like trading, people have found me which in turn has been uplifting to know that they to, like to share some of the things they have found in there journeys. The full access members who ask me questions, do and will be replied to, sometimes I can respond instantly & other times It might take a bit of time before I answer. All in all the full access members are pretty rapt with the latest Signature Series video presentations, they are receiving material of my own developments and how I identify quality trade set ups, daily & weekly. They follow my private twitter feed for updates & I also email all full access members new material and updates of any kind. If you would like more information regarding full access, just use the link here or in the main menu.


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