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Level 3 is the money shot, Level 2 digs deep into price action explaining what price action levels to use, why where & when. while Level 3 puts forward the very trade model I have designed and use, using a simple approach that identifies exactly where price will buy and sell from. Currently my current full access members are using this trading model and are expressing there thanks and basically telling me that there trading has turned around. I myself see and trade this model on a day to day basis. The model explains it all via 5 videos all in which are around the 45 minute mark. The first 3 videos set you up with the knowledge while the remainder videos are live trade videos into which I carry on the service via private twitter and weekly videos where you can touch base with me. I give full support to all my full access members. Currently full access is a one time payment only of $200.00 including Level 3. For further enquiries use the Request Full Access Link within the menu

VIDEO 1 introduction to level 3 - must register free to view the Level 3 introduction video