I know, anyone who has been on the ICT bandwagon for a while and is having trouble, I can help you out no problem. If you are a new trader, then it takes time, you will not grasp price action in a short period of time. For me it has taken some time to put the tools into a  few detailed trade models where I can see and understand when reversals and continuations are setting up. Mostly Judas swings on an intra-day bases is what I am hunting, though I also have the required set up for the higher time frames. Not only is my model set up to identify longer term moves using the required set up, my intra-day models are that of the pro or elite, and how would I know I am within the pro or elite status at this point of my trading career? I ain't losing put it that way. 

ICT has presented some incredible insights into how he understands price, though he was never going to present it in a way that is a step by step approach, in fact all the required "recommended" parts have kind of been released over around 4 years in free tutorial series, shared download links and live webinars. For me personally, I started within early 2012 on ICT's material and stuck by it everyday of the week. It took me a very long time to digest all the material and eventually have ah ha moments along the way, as I started to create my own trading models with me advancing in my development over time I started to become better at what I was doing, not so much a profitable trader more so a better trader, one that was not losing. For example, I was going nowhere, not down and not up for around 2 years! Until I put the final pieces into the trade models, the pieces that truly made enough difference for me to move forward on & that I have. I have reached levels that I knew I could reach, though I just did not know when that would arrive. The hard work I put into it all, put me over the line as far as professional trading goes and profitability.

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