Today I identified that EurUsd was lined up for a nice long position come New York. This analysis was before the London open, so In order for me to turn bullish, the models had to signal me that longs are now in play. I use weekly, daily & intra-day trading models, that I designed myself for identifying the best market conditions to make trade decisions on. The yellow shaded areas on the chart represent the higher time frame dealer areas where future price action/now will take place and work around. Then we move into the intra-day model to really ramp things up on identifying collected data points in order to put time and price levels/zones together. All the things I know around price action come from hard work and study inside the charts, this understanding put me inline to create my own trade models and develop the trading skills once having all this in place.

see chart example. Note the time the trade was made and that price price was going to seek out the previous dealer points in order for NY to take it higher again. We were on the prior rally low, very early.

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