When a trader can define the right Central Bank levels to trade off, he's or her's trading model can be based around that very thing


When I understood where the big Forex guns where engineering & targeting levels, my whole trading program was given an edge. I also knew that everything I had learnt previously was not a waste of time as it gelled with the understanding. Crouching liquidity basically means a high or low that is injected under or above a big algo without actually hitting the area. Price will turn on a dime and shoot the other way giving traders the impression that there is a change in direction, a shit tonne of retail traders enter the market and put there stops above or below the crouching liquidity. Smart money just engineered by default a way to sucker in profits and buy themselves time and money to activate the big Algo resting near the stops like a 6 meter crocodile in a 1 foot muddy swamp ready to take your arse down!

see charts

chart 1

chart 2

chart 3


Knowing we had the engineered liquidity in place and our technicals lining up for a long, we took this trade for 25 pips



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