I use 1 level for trade set ups & one level only. One of the reasons being that these levels are projected capped delivery levels provided by the Central Banks. Hand over levels or for example central bank dealers are confirming pegged price levels at specific levels in the market for future price dealings and movement on and around. The one level I use as a retail trader is the level I understand the most.



I created my own method of seeing institutional grid levels in and around high areas of volatility. I not only use Bank delivery levels I also use inner grid levels anchored to Price delivery zone highs and lows. All this is explained in the NTV series.

go to chart for an example of price action using the institutional grid perspective

The NTV new traders video series now has 4 videos uploaded to the area link here

In this late 2017 series I present to you how to find and use the institutional grid perspective IE identify the exact levels the big banks are delivering in order to cap price levels within support & resistance of the htf levels. I explain how the market makers entice daily highs & lows in order to raid those highs and lows in days to come. This clear cut series shows you exactly how to set up your trading days ahead of time. 


Introduction video to full access membership (requires free membership) watch on youtube

In this video presentation I talk about what is available from me