This beginners, advanced series details how I put together the very trade models required to define & base quality trade decisions on. The series is an in depth view into how I understand & use this knowledge, not only to generate precision intra-day targets though also identifying monthly & weekly turning points & targets. To access this series a disclaimer document is required to be signed & returned to Gdayfx. This series applies to beginner & advanced traders. All full access members are emailed the Signature Series videos & have access to a private twitter account.

2019 - GdayFX Signature Series, Is the the institutional footprints brought to you in a way that I myself as an FX trader became to understand from my own time in the charts. It was May 2012 my journey as an FX trader began. more

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Did you know that I know exactly what it is... Trading for 7 years this May. Innercircletrader dabbled around it for many years and gave it to us in many pieces without a few critical components included. We have the components, though as far as things go now with sharing it? New chapters, In respect to ict, what I have become to know, to put within all the concepts, as it goes hand in hand with it of course, I cannot go into to much detail as If I worked it out, then you can to. There are traders that wonder If any ict students are actually doing something with it all? & there are many that cannot see how it can be done, I am at the point where I am calling days and sessions for bias, The toolbox is complete 

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