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This Forex trading program is designed to deliver the very things Forex traders need to know and understand. Having such insight from traders who understand how price works, will put any FX trader in the right frame of mind. Real Forex traders that can trade profitably are not easy to come by. The only reason I am continuing to share my experience as a trader, is because I said I would document my trading experience as I moved forward. This blog gives me the chance to share my knowledge. I have decided to create my own school of trading, since I know how to trade profitably with consistency. It has taken some years to develop myself into a profitable trader, the time has been worth it indeed. Not only have I learnt so much about trading, I actually enjoyed the learning process and the time it took to become a real trader. I do believe any individual that is willing to put in the devoted time & effort to become a good trader, can be a good trader.