2021 - A new year with new and old programs that deliver profitable results. The Forex market is one that gives us the best opotunities daily, a fully liquid market that delivers detailed data for future interaction.

2020 - During 2019 I Gdayfx presented the Signature Series & Bias Model Series for the full access members, these video presentations on structured step by step models into identifying real quality trade set ups intraday and weekly highs and lows have been very popular amongst the full access Bias Model membership group. The group have supplied me with there feedback regarding the price action insights I delivered to them, you can see the feedback I shared on my public twitter account @GdayFX All full access membership is ongoing as once you are a full access member, the duration of your stay is unlimited.

2019 - GdayFX is not affiliated/connected or apart of the inner circle traders paid mentor-ship programs, Gday's knowledge and skill set is solely from he's own study's from the ICT FREE material in which he worked out what is required to be understood in order to have better consistency within he's trading.

ICT Old School Forex Concepts

2018 - I have mastered FX trading using the applied free inner circle traders concepts. The inner workings of price action are there for anyone who want's it. You can only be your best by applying yourself and making things plain to see for you to understand what price is setting up and delivering to you. Having a clear cut plan and modelling that into a trade plan is of most importance!


2017 - Once upon a time ICT's FX educational videos were freely available off he's website, this is when I myself studied all the material in depth. I took years off work to educate myself as a trader using ict's resources. I put all my own time & effort studying price and creating my own trade models in order to better myself as a trader. This Blog is a result of all my study, findings & work. As it is today I now have what it takes to scout out perfect trade set ups daily. I started the websites as a means to record all my personal development as a trader, though as time went on a lot of similar traders started to ask me for help, hence starting the membership of this website. I have heard it all when it comes to people trying to learn the concepts. Some traders pick it up fairly quickly while other struggle to see price as it is and come up with a trade plan. This website is now intended for helping others become better traders. I never intended or intend to take over an entity, I just write it as it is and who it came from. ICT also released a tonne of free videos via downloadable links, only the keen learner watched everyone of them. ICT's intention has been to help traders become better traders, he also stated that he would never charge for he's efforts, though I guess people can change there minds and there is nothing criminal against it. I regard ict as an exceptional man with undoubtedly the best ethics in mind. If it wasn't for ict I would not be where I am now as a trader. yes this website is highly viewed because of the content, though that's all it is, content and material that I have studied for over 5 years straight, since May 2012. I have written a lot about the concepts only to en grain it into my own self and have it there for reference, it just happens to be on the web. As it is today ICT is starting to put he's free tutorials back onto he's website theinnercircletrader

Free resources are and or were 25 days of Christmas, sniper series, TPD trading plan development, WENT what every new trader wants to know, precision trading, MMS market maker series. All this material is still valid and some of the download videos that were shared outside of these video series mentioned, were absolutely with out a doubt pro traders material.

2016 - Having a full understanding of the ICT educational FX trading program, will put your trading to a new level of experience. Having such knowledge gives you the trader what you have been looking for. M J. Huddleston - ICT quote "There the only 3 set ups I use, turtle soup, order block & fair value"

When a developing trader is looking for an edge, he or she must follow a certain protocol while endeavouring into there Forex education, a protocol that delivers true & manageable concepts to there input while learning how to trade. An FX trader should be moulded into a designed set of knowledge also understanding that there education and experiences will take time to develop, ranging from 3 to 10 years depending on there educational program duration expenditure. My indoctrination into the ICT program written and produced by The Inner Circle Trader Michael J. Huddleston, has put my trading experience into that of the top 5%, being a consistent profitable trader. There is plentiful material ICT has produced and shared publicly for those willing to take on the challenge of FX education looking to become good traders. My advice to a newbie, set your time in advance for you to gain knowledge and experience within this career choice, having put the time in front of you for the time it takes to develop as a foreign exchange trader. Time to go to class, for some years....

Order Block - liquidity pools - mitigation - sponsored move - smart money - market structure - Judas swing - Asia range - confluence - hidden optimal trade entry - sweet spot - trading range - breaker - buy & sell stops - orders in the market place - crouching the order block - institutional order flow - institutional pricing - re pricing - path of least resistance - trading the range - stop hunt - turtle soup - wyckoff - accumulation - profit release - distribution - suspect low - central bank dealers range - time of day - one shot one kill - London open - London close - New York open - support & resistance - rip tide reversal - reflection pattern - ICT kill zone - time & price - buy model - sell model - fair value - equilibrium - discount price objective - premium price level

What is mitigation

What is an engineered liquidity pocket

What is an ICT Order Block

What is an ICT Breaker

What is a Liquidity pool

What is a Sponsored Move

What is Hidden Optimal Trade Entry

What is Market Structure

What is Institutional Order Flow

What is crouching liquidity

What is a price gap and how does it equate to price action

What is an ICT smart money reversal

What is buy side & sell side liquidity