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In 2018 we are presenting price action videos & live trades all based off my personal trade model. In 2017 I presented the very videos that go into detail on how I find the best Central bank levels to trade from and around. There is not a lot of change going into 2018 as we as Forex traders already know what we are looking for and doing when it comes to trading weekly highs & lows and intra-day session trades. I trade intra-day set ups using daily bias into know levels of support & resistance for reversals and continuations, also swing trading/OSOK the weekly range high or low

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010318 - Price action video explaining in detail how to find high odds trade set ups & a live AudUsd short

011218 - AN Long NU short Core CPI live trade set ups explained in detail

011918 - COT How to set up & identify reversals ahead using the commitment of traders within an MT4 platform

022118 - How to put MH's concepts together using the right key knowledge, how it all changes for the better

032818 - How I personally use Bond/Debt Securities COT & Seasonal patterns within price

041118 - The perfect way to define over bought & over sold conditions (ICT explained)

041718 - How to set up for over bought over sold 2 (trade included)

050918 - Using the over bought over sold trade model setting up weekly highs & lows

052218 - Over bought over sold detailed MT5 set up & how to apply it in real time

How to trade Asia & London real time with the institutional perspective

How to identify the best trade opportunity before & during NY

Identifying institutional movement and levels over months to years putting strong against weak markets


Crypto currencies trade model