Welcome to gdayfx's 2020 trading program where traders become traders

As of 2019 All Gdayfx's full access members have had the opportunity to join the Signature Series & Bias model video presentations at no extra cost. In order to join this program you are required to return to me the criteria's that are emailed to you once you are full access. Current members have witnessed the very thing that I use each day in my trading. I identified a big banks Algo price structure that is only visible using the tools I provide to you, this Algo structure and banks manoeuvre is not easy to see or find without the models I present in the ACR Bias Model videos. Current full access members who have returned to me the criteria's, have now seen first hand what this move/set up is. If you are a new trader and are full access, I would suggest studying my earlier work from 2016-2018 before moving into this highly advanced program 2019 -2020. All my earlier work is still valid and will serve you well into your trading career.

I provide a very personalised trading environment where you as the new member can ask me questions and I will responed to you within 24 to 48 hrs. My private connections to you are via email and or the private twitter account you follow and have access to.

New for 2020 - Traders School for new traders fresh to the block.

New trader? or semi experienced and want the edge you are looking for? Gdayfx is producing a new school of traders camp. For any interests in this highly informed no nonsense video presentaional series, just mention the Gdayfx 2020 Traders School if you use the request full access link above!