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2020 UTB - unlock the banks series

Unlock The Banks series is for beginner, advanced & professional traders. When it comes to real time and "before it happens" knowledge, these tutorials go through that process of reading past and future price action as a trade plan in development, aimed to give you the right tools of choice and the mainframe you are looking for. The presentations provide you with the very things you need to understand as a trader. 

Video 1 - Introduction to the price structure and first insights (8 minutes)

Video 2 - Live charts how to define the trading zone (22 minutes)

Video 3 - Examples of delivery zones and levels, smart money before the fact (27 minutes)

Video 4 - The real order blocks how to see and use them! (13 minutes)

Video 5 - Rule based order block trade set ups that kick most traders to the kerb! (22 minutes)


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