This year we follow on from the things we have already established and know. One Shot One Kill "OSOK" & price connections (Entry & Targets) is the theme for 2021 full access members. Already Gdayfx has a private twitter account & Telegram for full access members to be apart of. Live price action and areas of interest for precision trading is shared via these feeds.

Video 1 - Initial insights into one shot one kill trade set ups program & trade model template

Video 2 - Price Blocks, Nodes & Price linking, key insights into identifying where price needs to be

Video 3 - An exclusive video with a rule based model that delivers results, this is a one shot one kill trade model

Video 4 - In addition to video 3 I go into the finer detail this trade model povides for you as a trader, highly informative

Future video content here is live trade analysis and or trade reviews via email, twitter or Telegram

Requires you to be full access in order to receive the passwords

Video 040121 - Why and where AUDUSD sold off from for the perfect entry point using the OSOK trade model for 80 pips to target. GBPUSD entry and exit points


For the intraday OSOK trade set ups, these are now placed on the private Telegram, Twitter & Discord