Gday Happy new yr to you. Thanks again for all the good gear you are putting out, really getting a handle on this. Loved the Bias Trading model video and has been invaluable recently for making more consistent trades. Can't wait for this one to come out......Level 4 - British Pound Trading Model, any ideas on a time frame or are you still working on it. Cheers NZ


Love your analysis it's great -I've been trading fx for years and traded in a similar fashion however this methodology helps to put it all together and put some structure around trades

Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do, I have only been a member of yours for a matter of weeks and already find myself looking at the market differently and tending to be on the right side of a trade more often than not, although I still over trade I am making headway in that area as well. Being able to listen to your thoughts in real time is going to be invaluable as I find I relate to your delivery method better. Thanks again

Hope you're having a nice weekend down there in Oz.I've been reading your blog posts and watching your videos. I'm really glad I signed up for your type 2 membership cause it's obvious you really have a good grasp of ICT's methods.I'm still in the process of learning ICT's stuff and am getting kind of overwhelmed. Would you give me your advice on how to proceed through his material? I have all the tutorials from his website and most of the videos from the "old torrent" (from FxGears). It's just that it's a major investment of time (as you know), and I want to be sure that I'm spending my time wisely. I've heard some people recommend to start with the TPD series, others recommend starting with the Sniper series. What would you say are the "must watch" videos of ICT's so that a new person can better understand what you're putting up on your blog with regards to trading plans etc. Thanks Dan

Thanks for your efficiency Dan, As far as my level of experience goes...........well that is a very good question. I have been interested in the markets for over 15 years, but the time factor hasn't helped me as far as experience goes as much as the right information which I am confident I have stumbled upon between you and ICT. I am looking forward to picking your brain as anyone who has managed to work the markets out and also your psychology is worth listening to. I take my hat off to you and hope to be the next success story. Regards

Hi Dan, Brilliant video as usual, Thank you for answering my questions. Best Regards

Hi Dan Looking forward to continuing my FX journey through your site. The little of it that I have seen leads me to believe it is something I've been looking for. A place that pulls together some of the incredible amount of teaching that ICT has shared. I have been trading forex for about 3 yrs, have been learning the ICT material for a little less than a year. No questions at this time......will be taking my time and absorbing the info on your site. Thank you Regards

Perfect thanks. I've been trading FX since Feb last year using ICT and other methods like Elliott wave, oscillators, etc. I decided to go purely ICT since April this year and my accuracy has improved but i'm finding that I'm catching one good move then giving it all back in paper cuts. Consistency is my Achilles heel. Looking to improve that and hopefully catch some daily & weekly ranges. Hope this helps?

I have been trading for a pretty long time, and I have seen most of ICTs videos and price models. There are many market maker structure models available «out there» and ICT has a decent concept, but might be better to break it down and make it Yours as you have done. I am profitable, but I would like to put more of my efforts and focus towards these price concepts. I really like the idea that you are providing analyses and comments about key Levels, as sometimes its easy to get «blinded» by looking at multiple Charts for a longer period of time. Do you also show your chartsetups (I noticed you use h3 charts) and Your «trigger» conditions? If you have time for a chat, I would appreciate that. Hope to hear from you soon Kind Regards

Hey there, was wondering if you help traders get consistent, my problem is that I do know the ict concepts (at least I would think so) but seem to perhaps not be applying them correctly or somehow misinterpreting them.I have been at break even for the last 4 months. Thank You

Hi, I just registered on your website for Type 1 membership and would like to upgrade to Type 2. I really like your explanations of ICT"s concepts and it would be great to be able to see an experienced trader apply ICT's method each week. Thanks a lot

Hi Dan Really enjoying the videos. Regards

Keep up the great work, learning heaps and even hitting some gains with your gold nuggets. Cheers