I believe you can be at your best, if you take this business serious enough and apply the discipline & mental awareness you need in order to become a profitable foreign exchange retail trader, If I didn't believe and understand what I am doing as a trader, I would not have worried about creating this website and the older one gdayfx.com

The video's cover pro trading price action to the core, utilizing the knowledge I have become to gain and use within my own trading style. This series is not about re creating or re inventing the wheel of that of Ict and Lori's work, this series is an in depth look into price behavior around the liquidity that it is, inside the day to day dealings and the foot prints, as ict calls them, within price action. The market makers have there own funds and sponsorship of funds that require that particular currencies management roll. In order for the market makers to create this order flow, they use highly advanced algorithmic software in order to execute orders and manage liquidity in order to establish new price objectives moving forward. After many years of studying and trading forex hands on, I have developed my own way of seeing key points that the banks are using to create order flow and bounce price to and from. I have learned around 70% of everything I know from the inner circle trader, 20% of that of Chris Lori & the remaining 10% of my own development into creating my own trading models and developing the psychology needed, in order to trade successfully. Any other insights I have become to adhere to and acknowledge are my own studies and findings from reading books and using the internet, hence finding the amazing M J. H to begin with. ICT has most certainly been the anchor point for me as an FX trader. Once again, thanks Michael for all your time it has taken for you to create an educational series that is a true 1 of a kind, that know other trader teaches, simply because they don't understand what really goes on. NOTE - my trading model videos and price action videos are not copyright copies or use any copied content of that of the inner circle trader or Chris Lori videos, they are my own demo platforms, using my own insights combining the knowledge I have. I have been a paid member to the Chris Lori group & and I have spent my own time & money studying ICT material, as it has been an expensive exercise. I charge a Level 2 full access membership fee within this website for my on going video trading analysis to the daily blog using the concepts mentioned here & video content I provide. All require download & upload bandwidth from my own service provider. The following videos here are with out a doubt some of the best insights I have become to adhere to within my own trading. I will complete Video 3 & 4 in early 2017 

Video 1 - Order Blocks to Fair Value

Video 2 - A video from the Q & A regarding ict, lori & high odds trade set ups