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All videos are commentary based presentations with open charts and plenty of daily price action knowledge to boot All listed trading programs from year to year

Beginner Trader - requires full access membership - content below produced late 2016

Video 1 - RISK TO REWARD, building in a foundation, traders mind set, developing your new found resource 54:00 min

Video 2 - PRICE, institutional factors to move forward with into your new understanding of the FX markets 58:00 min

Video 3 - PRICE, applying your first knowledge of key levels within a price range 1HR:03 min

Video 4 - PRICE, key levels within a price range in confluence with the "right" order blocks & time of day 50:00 min

Intermediate Trader - requires full access

Video 1 - TRADE MODEL 1, setting up for technical analysis, COT & open interest 1HR:03 min

Video 2 - TRADE MODEL 2, identifying the trader within the trader, how to scalp alongside longer term trading 46:00 min

Video 3 - TRADE MODEL 3, London trade model, risk to reward, time & price, being consistent 40:00 min

Video 4 - TRADE MODEL 4, Any pair any day, learn how to spot key trading levels intra-day for explosive moves 1HR:02 min supports 2 live trades



Video 1 - SESSION TRADING, daily price hunts for optimal trade levels 1HR

Video 2 - PRICE, deeper understanding of price action and how to apply the skill set to all your trading 54:00 min

Video 3 - Live Trade examples VIDEO 1 - VIDEO 2 (live FOMC trade)

British Pound Trading Model VIDEO 1 - VIDEO 2 - VIDEO 3 - VIDEO 4

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