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Content below produced early 2016

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Money Management - Trading Models Video 1

Money Management - Trade Model EurUsd Video 2

This particular video presentation explains detailed information on how a new trader can apply simple and effective money management to he's or her trading model, possibly even putting you on the right track to start making steady gains within your trading account. The presentation runs for 1.5 hours incorporating simple money management tools to use while explaining to you how to build your own trading model to start trading with. The presentation does not guarantee that you will start making profit from here on in, however it does establish a solid foundation for you to start building from, an area where most new traders do not start from, leaving them without fail proof plans to protect there capitol with, leaving you with losses and heart ache. As we as traders develop into consistency, we soon realise the potential of our system, a system that can be adjusted accordingly to our own trading needs. A new Forex trader needs to apply a money management program along side of he's or her trading model. Understanding how to implement capitol risk to capitol reward on a compounding level is required for your business. (advanced traders need to also watch these video)

How to trade EurUsd trading model video 1

How to trade EurUsd trading model video 2

In this detailed How To Design a Eur/Usd Trading Model package there are two videos, the introduction video to 1 & 2 is free, video 1 & 2 will provide detailed informative information on the following

Setting up your charts for the intended trading model

Implementing high time frame to low time frame

London open tactics

Implementing the strategies provided to determine trade execution

Understanding how the model provides profit and loss points of confluence

When to re analyse levels of support and resistance including high and low time frames

What time frames to monitor prior to trade execution

Detailed trade execution points of confluence

How to gel all concepts as one for an in depth trading model without thinking to much about it, running a tool box trade set of rules.

Complete EurUsd GbpUsd AudUsd NzdUsd USDX USDollar trading model Video 1

In this series we detail the trading model required to develop a trading model program to trade EurUsd, GbpUsd AudUsd & NzdUsd incorporating USDX & USDollar. The trading model will cover a number a of aspects including chart layouts, over bought, over sold, smt divergence, support and resistance etc. This package is included within the Daily Blog Type 2 membership program for ongoing support, live trades and trade set ups weekly. This particular model is one of my personal favourites when it comes to high time frame to low time frame intra day objectives, really narrowing down low risk 1 in 4 trade set ups on a one shot one kill bases.

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We are self taught FX traders Mentored by the best in the business including TheInnerCircleTrader. Our extensive in depth devoted time put into ICT's program has put us a cut above the rest, when it comes to making consistent gains each week. This trading model program has been developed from hands on trading, utilising all of ICT's work. The results are there along with the experience to make it happen. I can tell you I have been trading ICT concepts since May 2012 and will never find a better business than trading the currency market.

Core price action video's that will put any ICT, Chris Lori follower on the right path to high end trade set ups  click link for more details

COT analysis videos - explains how I interpret the commercial traders implementing commercials only into any mt4 platform. I use these set ups on a weekly to monthly bases looking for monthly high and low objectives also incorporating open interest

Advanced FX Money Management to Trading Model videos

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