Hi, This is an edited post as of December 2018, the original post is below Pre December 2018. Currently I have designed my own personal trade concept that in no way shape or form copies, duplicates and or even resembles the the inner circle trader concepts. You can see my Myfxbook pics/links shared via the @gdayfx twitter account.

The original inner circle trader links that were linked to this site have now been removed upon request. The links were generating a large interest into these concepts mentioned below, though were removed. I pretty much cracked the code, hence the taking down of the original posts regarding these trading methods. In respect to the mentors current membership program for he's followers, the original post's on this site that used the terminologies by the inner circle trader have been removed.

Gdayfx has never & I repeat never, copied, duplicated original content from he's past mentors. In fact it was Gdayfx who realised what was required in order to understand the concepts in a more detailed trading environment. It is true that I have shared my knowledge of the concepts in my own personal ways like many traders do, though as I am astute to them and have always been open regarding my developments into them, my shared developments required any members to this website agree to a disclaimer regarding my own content of the ideas.


Pre December 2018

I help traders understand inner circle concepts

I am a forex trader that lives and breathes the best foreign exchange trading knowledge that exists on this planet, this knowledge and skill set I have become to know & use, is the experience from that of theinnercircletrader I have also studied Chris Lori's work, Larry Williams & other exceptional traders books. Ultimately it has been myself who has put in the hard work, time & devotion to become that better trader having 1 strategy that I created from all the knowledge and hands on experience

I started trading Forex on a professional bases after around 4 years into my education, It was May 2012 I left my day to day job in order to learn for 2 years, I had enough money to survive on for 2 years IE buy food and pay bills while studying for the years to come, It was around 4 years later that I moved into the more profitable stage of trading Forex. As it is today in 2017 I am very much happy with my decision to learn a totally different career.

The further I studied and the more I traded using the right concepts and discipline, the closer I became to more consistency within my trading.

Yes I have lost money trading, yes I have used a lot of time trading & yes I still trade.... most traders probably give up or slow down from educating themselves due to lack of knowledge and commitment or simply maybe it's just not for them.

If however you do have that passion & desire to make something new for yourself and you are still learning, then my advice is don't stop if you feel you have what it takes to be a full-time trader. You do not need a lot of money to trade with as a newbie, if you are less than 3 years experienced trading every week, then I suggest having little funds in your account until you understand capitol risk control and how to manage your equity steadily.

Knowing how to make and lose trades is one thing, controlled management of your equity is another, alongside your own personal mind set, 3 major factors a trader needs in he's or her's arsenal program.